It seems like ages ago that Nasa landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars but in reality it happened just over 3 years ago. To celebrate the three year milestone Nasa released two apps. Mars Trek lets people browse through visualisations of Mars pieced together using 50 years of research and Experience Curiosity which lets people get an idea of a day in the life of the rover.

This week Nasa gave us something a bit more, tangible.¬†Files that allow users to 3D print their own miniature Curiosity Rover were uploaded to Nasa’s 3D Resources website which already has a number of very cool 3D models for anybody with the equipment and love for space exploration to use.

Make: pointed out that the printable files Nasa has been uploading recently have improved at every turn. This particular set of files can be used by the newcomers that want to hit print and get to building as well as the experienced user that wants to tinker with the designs. They also speculate that the tabs included in the files are designed to assist in bed adhesion spurring on thoughts that the files were printed before being released to the community.

If you have a 3D printer and were looking for an awesome project then head over to the Nasa 3D Resources site and download the files to print your own Curiosity Rover. If you don’t have a 3D printer (and even if you do) then check out a recap of the day Curiosity landed on the Red Planet below.

[Via – Make:] [Image CC – Stephen Pakbaz]
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