It’s not even three months since the launch of LG’s latest flagship phone, the G4, and the company is ready to unveil its mid-range follow-up, the LG G4 Beat.

And that is exactly what they did today at a swanky venue in Joburg.

LG’s local team showed a group of journalists the new phone, which is pretty much a watered-down version of the original G4. Looks-wise, it’s almost identical to its bigger sibling so it has the same curved design that made the G4 so nice to hold, it just sports a smaller 5.2-inch screen, which is 0.3 inches smaller than the G4’s and 1080p vs the G4’s 1440p.G4_Beat_5.2-inch_Full_HD_Display


Under the hood the differences go a bit deeper: the Beat packs a slightly less powerful processor (a Snapdragon 615), less RAM (1.5GB) and a less pixelicious camera (13MP vs the 16MP of the G4). It’s also not quite as storage-heavy, at just 8GB of internal capacity but it at least has a microSD card slot.

If any of that’s a little disappointing, don’t worry because there’s also a bit of good news: the G4’s camera controls and incredible laser autofocus that we loved so much have made their way into the Beat as well. The biggest differences aside from megapixel count include the absence of image stabilisation and an f/1.8 aperture; otherwise, the two cameras are identical. That means you’ll get the same awesome level of control over the Beat’s camera as you would in the G4 and it’ll focus really quickly, your images just won’t be as big.


To drive the point home, we were shown what the Beat’s camera can do by SA photographer Tim Moolman, who walked us through a slideshow of shots he’d taken with the phone, displayed on a gorgeous 4K TV. All of the shots he showed us looked crisp and sharp no matter whether he was capturing his subjects in motion, moody scenes in darkly-lit locations or fast-paced action.

He emphasised his surprise that a phone camera was capable of such clarity, and praised the plentiful options provided by the camera’s manual controls that allowed him to capture his subjects exactly as he wanted to.

All of that aside, I was most excited about the phone’s price: the LG G4 Beat doesn’t cost a bomb, coming in at a prepaid price of R4 899. Pretty good with the rand at almost R13 to the dollar.

Expect to see the LG G4 Beat offered by all major cellular networks from the 1st of September, so not long to wait now.

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