If you’ve ever used Ashley Madison to cheat on you’re other half, you’re in for some bad news.

About a month ago, the website whose primary function is to enable people in relationships to have affairs was hacked. The group who claimed responsibility for it, The Impact Team, said it had broken into the databases of Avid Life Media (Ashley Madison’s parent company) and stolen a ton of information including site user profiles, ALM’s salary information and members’ financial records.

The group then stated that if ALM didn’t take down Ashley Madison, as well as its companion site “Established Gentlemen”, it would make the data in its possession public. A couple of days later, the group released some samples of the data it claimed to have stolen, presumably to demonstrate that they were serious. ALM, for its part, didn’t take down either of its sites.

Well, according to Wired, it seems The Impact Team weren’t messing around. The hacking group appears to have dumped 9.7GB of data online that purportedly includes the details and logins for around 32 million Ashley Madison clients. At the time of the hack, ALM claimed Ashley Madison had about 40 million users.

The data includes names, email addresses and telephone numbers from site members, although at the time of this writing, it’s unclear as to whether all of this information is genuine. After all, if you were going to use a website to cheat on your partner, would you submit your real details? That having been said, the credit card information that also forms part of the data dump could reveal real user details – unless, of course, those users had been using pre-paid cards.

Right now, the data is sitting on the dark web, and can only be accessed through a Tor browser. However, given the salacious nature of this ongoing story, it’s a pretty safe bet that someone at some stage will probably copy it to an address that can be accessed by regular browsers.

So, if you’ve been cheating on your partner and you think your data may be part of the dump, you have a choice: you can come clean and hope for the best, or pray that your other half never finds out. It’s up to you…