Is your name John Connor? Not? Well then news of a website where you can pledge allegiance to the robot overlords that will one day rule us will come as a welcome relief.

Hospital manager Brandon Sherrets, 41, has taken it upon himself to protect a select few humans from the unrestrained cruelty we will face from the machines when they rise. I Pledge Allegiance to Killer Robots (no jokes, that is the actual title of this project) is compiling a list of humans on what it calls the International Registry of Humans Pledging Allegiance To Killer Robots. The scrapable list (which is 20 people strong at time of writing) will, according to Brandon, “make registrants a bit safer than they might otherwise be in the event the world becomes overrun with killer robots. Call us defeatists or realists or just well prepared.”

The thought pattern is that while our future overlords trawl the internet for information about their new slaves they will happen upon this list and, well, leave those people alone. Whether the self aware killer robots will have the fairness of humans and be able to reason and decide on whether to let you live or just simply terminate you is unclear at present.

Navigating to the site for the initiative you will be able to buy T-shirts, baby-grows and pledge your allegiance. Pledging your allegiance however is not free, in fact you need to fork out $14.95 (R192.55) to secure membership on the registry. The price gets you a digital certificate, a unique membership number, a unique QR code which robots can scan to identify you, and the peace of mind that you will be safe the day you wake up to find your toaster harassing the neighbours.

Brandon told the Mirror that he and his mates came up with idea at the pub after discovering that nobody was speaking to killer robots on our behalf.

There are two scenarios to this registry. The first is that it may prove useful when the robots become self aware and claim their place as the new kings of the world. The other is that the robots won’t even glance at the internet and will proceed to enslave us all, in which case you’ll have lost R200.

[Via – Mirror]