If you’re one of the 30 million-plus players that enjoys a round or two of Hearthstone, we have a double helping of good news for you.

First off, Blizzard after teasing players mercilessly with vague hints and card reveals, Blizzard has fin announced a release date for Hearthstone’s new expansion The Grand Tournament. All 132 of the new cards will be available to play with on August 24th. The news will likely be sweet music to the ears of ardent Hearthstone fans who purchased packs from the new expansion when it became available for pre-order a few weeks ago.

Second, if you feel The Grand Tournament can’t arrive soon enough, Blizzard has you covered – for the next three days at least. Some of the new cards from the new expansion are currently available to play with in the game’s Tavern Brawl mode. Currently the heroes you can play with are a Hunter and a Mage, so if you’re a fan of either class, you can get some idea of what to use the new cards in conjunction with those currently in your decks.

The Grand Tournament is the second full set of expansion cards Blizzard has produced for Hearthstone – the first being the Goblins Vs Gnomes expansion it kicked out at the end of last year. However, the Irvine developer hasn’t been resting on its laurels since then. This year has seen the arrival of a new adventure – Black Rock Mountain – a new mode, Tavern Brawl, new hero skins and the game landing on iOS and Android phones.