Though South Africa isn’t ranked among the top half of the most corrupt countries in the world, corruption is nevertheless a major problem that costs the country billions each year.

To help put a stop to this, the Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA) has added a website to its anti-corruption initiatives, which South Africans can use report incidents of corruption. You can file a report by filling in details of any incident in the public sector on ExposeIt.

There are two types of forms to fill in on ExposeIt: one for bribery and one for any “other forms of corruption”.

You don’t have to fill in your personal details, but according to the site, your details will only be revealed to relevant authorities if you choose to share them.

“ExposeIt plans to do two major things with the information we gather,” the website says. “Firstly, we will continually be performing analysis on the data in order identify hotspots or problem areas for scrutiny. Secondly, where individual cases contain enough information – we will either investigate ourselves or refer the matter to the relevant police and prosecuting authorities.”

Details of reported incidents will be updated on the website’s blog and social media channels.

ExposeIt says it accepts reports even if you have taken a bribe yourself and wish to be honest about it, but prosecution is entirely up to authorities.

ExposeIt joins one other non-governmental anti-corruption website, Corruption Watch, which also allow citizens to anonymously report incidents.

“As a socially driven movement, it relies on citizen’s reports: the more incidents are reported, the more hotspots are exposed for its legal team know exactly where to take action. The legal team of experts is dedicated to taking legal action and act on hotspots exposed by public reports on the platform,” JASA said.

[Source – JASA via Bizcommunity, image –ExposeIt Facebook]