In addition to collecting and delivering personal packages for clients, on-demand service Picup has now launched a service for business documents and parcels.

Picup launched in May and currently only operates in Cape Town, allowing residents to request a collection and delivery from the WeChat app.

picupBusiness, as the service is called, works very much in the same way as the personal package version does except you can request the service via the web, and Picup guarantees that deliveries will be made in less than 90 minutes. If your delivery isn’t made within that time, you don’t have to pay for it, like some pizza takeaway joints used to do way back in the day.

All deliveries are made via bicycle, motorbike or four-wheeled vehicle, depending on the size of your package.

“It didn’t take long for us to realise that businesses formed a core part of our target market and we needed a solution that allowed them to place a Picup from their PC,” said Antonio Bruni, founder and CEO of Picup. “While today’s consumer is constantly on the go and a mobile offering on WeChat is the perfect solution, the average business person still does most of their work from a desktop computer. And so, the business-friendly, web-browser version of Picup was born – picupBusiness.”

There are over 200 drivers already registered on picupBusiness in the Mother City, and the closest driver in the transport mode you need will be dispatched within minutes of you logging a request.

A cheaper, three-hour delivery option will soon also be available on picupBusiness if your request is not urgent, Bruni added.

“In our mind, same-day delivery means delivery within 90-minutes (traffic dependent) of placing the Picup. In today’s world, people need things to be done immediately and we’re helping them achieve that. What’s more, you only have to sign up with picup once, and after that the steps to place a picup are so simple you can do it in under three minutes. This allows people to get back to running their business without having to worry about tedious paperwork or hand delivering a document to get it to the right person on time,” he said.

Picup said the service will be making its way to Johannesburg in the coming months.

[Image – Picup]