Telkom has put out a tender for the design and construction of a 3 megawatt solar-powered plant at its Telkom Park in Centurion, Pretoria.

According to the tender document, the solar plant will form part of Telkom’s “Centralised Energy Centre Project”.

The tender entails the “Procurement of a service provider for the design, supply and installation of the 3 mega volt-ampere photovoltaic plant pertaining to Telkom Centralised Energy Centre Project at Telkom Park in Centurion, Pretoria.”

Mega volt-ampere is a lesser-used electrical unit, and is equivalent to megawatt.

The Centralised Energy Centre Project is Telkom’s effort to have to rely less on power from Eskom, and eventually the company will be in a position to be electrically fully self-reliant.

The tender in question will be for the design and construction of solar power in the company’s parking area – which will be the first step towards producing almost all of its own electricity.

The construction of Telkom’s Centralised Energy Centre Project might be for its own gains, but Africa is well on track to realise analysts’ predictions of generating 100GW of solar power by 2030.

“Africa’s greatest growth challenge is energy, and there’s a serious need to quickly get additional generation capacity in place to meet increasing energy demands,” said Luc Graré, senior vice president EMEA at Renewable Energy Corporation.

Currently, the total nameplate capacity of all electricity generation from all sources on the entire continent sits at just 143GW, of which South Africa provides 45GW according to statistics gathered from the US’s Energy Information Administration.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Mike Baker]
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