Proving that you can’t keep a great game creator down for long, former Epic Games Design Director, Cliff Bleszinksi has teased a brand new game via his Twitter account.

The creator behind Gears Of War has been working on a First Person Shooter title for some time now, which has been operating under the name ‘Project Bluestreak’. All fans have been shown so far are a couple of pieces of concept art backed up by a few vague tweets.

Now, it seems, Bleszinski is ready to show his new baby to the world. The game designer has posted a link to a new website for his game on his Twitter account saying:

“I *told* you to #BraceYourself … Register now:

Trust me, folks – buckle up. I am so excited right now. :) :) :)”

If you follow the link above you’ll find a new site featuring a piece of art portraying what looks like a post-apocalyptic vista and a countdown clock, which looks set to expire at 12pm Eastern Time (that would be around 6pm South African time).

Right now, we’re not sure what the name of the new game is; videogame website Polygon earlier ran a story stating that the game’s title was The Shattering – an easy enough assumption to make, given the website URL and the picture on that greets you once you access it. However, Bleszinski has since tweeted that this is incorrect.

Whatever the game turns out to be called, we expect great things from Project Bluestreak. Bleszinski’s track record pretty much speaks for itself; during his time at Epic Games, Cliff presided over the Unreal Tournament series and the Gears Of War franchise. Bleszinski left Epic in 2012 for a brief sabbatical. He formed his own studio, Boss Key Productions, last year.