UPDATE: List of movies and TV shows on ShowMax’s service leaked before launch

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ShowMax has now launched with a library that’s slightly larger than the one below. Significantly, it offers some of the latest HBO shows for anytime streaming. You can read more details here.


We spent the evening compiling the offerings of Showmax. You can view the offerings below in a nifty spreadsheet that we created.


Multi-national publishing house Naspers will be launching a video streaming service in South Africa called ShowMax next week.

We knew virtually nothing about the service itself – media invitations don’t even include a venue, only saying it is to be at a secret location.

However, we do know that, in order to  accelerate it’s streaming plans in South Africa, Naspers bought a stake in United Arab Emirates-based streaming company Icflix. It primarily caters towards the Arab and Indian market, but it does have content agreements for Western shows and films.

From here we had to speculate what shows and movies would come with the service, until a developer on Twitter managed to uncover something.

Durban-based developer Shaun Trennery took to Twitter to reveal that some creative Googling got him a list of potential shows and movies that ShowMax will offer, as well as some pricing structures.

As Trenery discovered, doing a Google Image search for “site:showmax.com” (showmax.com being the domain for ShowMax) will bring up thumbnails that have already been uploaded to ShowMax’s site in (we assume) preparation for launch.

Doing a web search with the same query will bring up page upon pages of results that have text titles as well as the some categories for them. There are over nine hundred pages of results and, while you can’t access them yet, they do seem to be a more complete list when compared to the image search.

Trennery also revealed the two packages for users to get access to the service.

[Via – TechCentral]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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