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[htxt.africast] Bic’s faux pas, Tinder’s Twitter melt-down and Naspers’ ShowMax

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It has been a busy week for technology companies, and having a shortened week didn’t make things easier.

Monday was a public holiday in South Africa to celebrate Women’s Day, but one company that enjoyed it less than others was Bic. Charlie, Clinton and Nick talk about Bic’s faux pas on its Facebook page and discuss why the things that happen on the internet stay there forever.

Friend-meeting app Tinder also had a bit of a problem on Twitter, as it had a bit of a melt-down after Vanity Fair published a less-than-savoury article on dating applications.

The last topic to be discussed by the intrepid trio is ShowMax, Naspers’ video streaming service to be launched later this month. It has turned out to be the worst-kept secret this week, as the multi-national publishing house aims to pre-empt Netflix’s SA launch.



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