Apple can count at least one fan among Johannesburg’s Metro Police Department.

A video taken by a Joburg motorist who captured an exchange between him and a female metro cop depicts the lady in blue basking in the limelight and commenting on the smartphone’s “superb” picture quality.

According to Clive Naidoo, who posted the video on Facebook, he was stopped by the authorities for allegedly skipping a red robot near the corner of Bram Fischer Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue in Randburg last Friday.

Naidoo can be heard asking what the fine is for and disputing that he had skipped the robot. A few moments later, Naidoo then tells the xiTsonga-speaking cop that she needs to make it quick because he is rushing for a meeting.

Naidoo then makes a comment about his tax money paying her salary, to which the cop bites back with an earful Naidoo probably hadn’t bargained for:

“I pay tax, then my tax, my salary pay who…your maid?” she says. “Don’t [say] that, I also pay tax.”[sic]

After the cop checks his licence disc, she comes back to the drivers’ window and comments, “the way I’m enjoying to appear in media, it’s not a joke. My father never see me in TV before, he’ll be proud of me… You think I’m scared of the video? I ike videos. And you’re taking me with an Apple Phone, I’m happy because the pictures are superb, super clear.”

Interestingly, the original post has now been deleted off Facebook, but thanks to the power of the internet, it’s on YouTube. What’s really striking, though, is that South African police have made headlines for exactly the opposite reasons repeatedly in recent times, threatening to arrest people who film them at work and forcing journalists to remove footage of officers. You absolutely have the right – and given the abuses caught on camera recently some might argue the responsibility – to record police in public places. If only they all responded with the humour and good nature of this officer.

Watch the animated exchange unfold below.

[Source and image – YouTube]