We’ve long since given up on trying to figure out what trends on Twitter and why. The internet as a whole isn’t a fickle mistress like the sea, it’s more of a boss-eyed megalomaniac that does as it wants and will bulldoze everything else.

Regardless, sometimes it will create something great and we get to watch some magic unfold.

Today’s magic is the currently trending hashtag #LOTRaMovie. The LOTR part of the hashtag refers to the venerable Lord of the Rings story penned by JRR Tolkien. Since there’s no more movies based on the books on the horizon, Twitter has taken to creating its own using the characters, creatures and mythos from the Lord of the Rings, people have taken to Twitter to insert them into the titles of movies.

As always, the creativity of the internet is boundless and you’ll find almost every nook of Tolkien’s work shoehorned into a movie title, with varying degrees of success.

Going back to the strangeness of the internet; why is this trending? Where and why was it started? Why is this popular when the last LOTR-related movie came out last year? Where do people find the time to come up with puns and wordplay on the internet? Why are we again trying to peer into the abyss and make sense of the internet?

We’ve put together a few of our favourite Tweets from the hashtag below. The writer of this story may be among them.

If you’re wondering; no, the header image isn’t Photoshop, but a behind the scenes picture of Gandalf the Grey actor Ian McKellen as he used his laptop in between scenes while still in costume. It first popped up on Reddit about a year ago and has since gone on to have a life of its own.

[Image – Reddit]