Competition in the home console market may be about to heat up, as a new report has suggested Apple is about make gaming a major focus of Apple TV.

Apple is set to hold its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco tomorrow, and while the tech giant hasn’t revealed much about what can be expected, The New York Times states that gaming will be a major focus of the keynote.

The NYT cites sources “briefed on Apple’s plans who spoke on condition of anonymity” who said that “Apple is expected to make games a primary selling point of its new Apple TV product, which is scheduled to be announced on Wednesday in San Francisco.”

If the leak turns out to be accurate it’ll mark a massive change in Apple’s strategy for Apple TV, which in the past was simply a media streaming device.

Apple isn’t exactly a new player in the gaming market; its smart devices support a huge category of games through the App Store and while MacBooks and iMacs don’t support as many games as PCs do, they’re catching up at a clip.

However, Apple has yet to make a move to challenge traditional gaming consoles for space under consumers’ television sets and, if the NYT is correct, its efforts to enter this space seem rather bullish.

The report in the paper states that Apple will announce that Apple TV will be more powerful, will offer access to part of the App Store’s catalogue and support a game controller. Furthermore, the report states that Apple TV will be priced in the region of $150, making it significantly more affordable than either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One.

Will Apple TV be able to chip away at Microsoft’s and Sony’s dominance in the console market? Watch this space…