Yesterday we wrote about eButler, a service that will do your weekly shopping for you and then deliver it via Uber. It seems as if they have some stiff competition to deal with, as popular social messaging platform WeChat has partnered with online food ordering service OrderIn, an launched a similar service today.

From today, you will be able to order food through its WeChat account from around 650 restaurants in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

It works rather simply: WeChat users order food from anywhere during restaurant hours and pay for their orders through WeChat. As part of the introductory celebration, WeChat users will get R50 off their first three orders placed through OrderIn.

“Partnering with OrderIn is just another way WeChat is merging the online and offline worlds, by turning online food orders into real-life deliveries. Seamless payment integration means customers never have to leave the app and can conveniently complete their orders from start to finish within WeChat,” said Brett Loubser, Head of WeChat Africa.

In a media release, it said that OrderIn is the first mobile phone delivery service of its kind in South Africa. That isn’t exactly true, as mobile phone app Appetite does the same job. On Appetite, users order food and pay for it through the app. If a restaurant supports delivery, that can be added to the order as well.

OrderIn works similarly to Appetite in the sense that it also makes use of geo-location to display a list of restaurants close to where you currently are.

“In the restaurant, a wireless printer connected to OrderIn’s server alerts staff when there’s an order pending and prints it out. Staff then enter the expected time of collection or delivery into the printer, which sends a confirmation to the customer via WeChat,” OrderIn said.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Alpha]
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