As the maker movement and the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, so does involvement and interest from large companies. The International Data Corporation (IDC), which specialises in – you guessed it – data in various technology-focused industries , is organising the event.

IDC is bringing the event to our country and continent in February 2016 at the Radission Blu hotel in Johannesburg. The Roadshow is intended assess the progress of IoT in our country, continent and the resst of the world.

While the Roadshows is still several months away, and the speakers have not yet been announced, we were told that the keynotes will come from South African companies involved in IoT, and will discuss there challenges and innovations within the platform.

The only announced sponsor at the moment is Samsung, who has made inroads into IoT with its ARTIK development platform.

Mark Walker, the associate vice president at IDC for Sub-Saharan Africa spoke about a global survey concerning IoT.

IoT deployments are still in their early stages, with only one-third of planned endpoints already connected […] the next 18 months represent a critical window.

Finally, delegates from South Africa’s  government, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, banking, energy, retail, mining, and automotive sectors are said to be represented at the event. Big Data and data processing and analytics are also said to be on the agenda for discussion.