In this week’s episode, Brendyn and Clinton talk about playing Rainbow Six Siege’s beta recently, why the LG G4 Beat isn’t the perfect option if you are looking for something that is a bit middle of the road, and using multiple characters in Disney Infinite 3 to cause some in-game chaos.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Clinton spent some time with the game’s beta, and it was a barrel of fun! At a Heritage Day event, he got to see how the game plays: for round after round, two teams of five squared off against each other and attempted to out-think and out-shoot one another in tense, close-quarters tactical battles using all manner of modern-day weaponry, armour and gadgets.

LG G4 Beat

The launch of the LG G4 Beat, sees the return of the G4’s DSLR-like camera features, and a design that could almost fool you into thinking the Beat is actually the company’s premium flagship phone. As such, the question on the mind of every LG phone fan is likely how the Beat differs from the G4, and if that lower price tag means unpleasant compromises.

Disney Infinity 3

It’s Disney’s latest toys-meets-games game, which has characters from almost all of the company’s major franchises and it’s heaps of fun. Do we need to say more? Well other than “prepare your wallets, all ye parentals of small children”, that is.

Enjoy the podcast!

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