Earlier this year FNB announced a series of hackathons that it would be organising under the banner of “codeFest”. Today, FNB is hosting the much larger codeFest 2.0 with a focus on improving the business within the First Rand and RMB Group as well as the customer experience, which the bank announced via its latest live-stream event.

For the next 24 hours, over 250 developers from across the First Rand Group will gather at the FNB head office in Johannesburg to create innovative ideas that will benefit the First Rand Group as well as First Rand customers. These developers will break off into teams depending on the skills required and begin working on making “moonshots”, actionable services that can be deployed within the First Rand Group and the RMB Group.

Among these moonshots is an app that will be able to warn drivers about the wear on their tyres and inform them of the remaining tread. Another solution is a service that will simulate 1 000 calls to test the throughput of the FNB service provider segment.

The FNB codeFest will culminate in a judging process tomorrow where all the developers will vote for the best solutions via an app that was developed for codeFest. Business people from within the RMB and First Rand Groups will then also be able to vote on the best solutions.

When this process is complete, the top six projects will have the opportunity to present their idea to a panel of judges which will include RMB CEO James Formby and FNB CEO Jacques Cilliers.

This panel will have the opportunity to see a demo of the projects and ask questions before deciding which of the teams will make it into the top three, stand a chance to win prizes and potentially have their idea implemented.

We wish all the participants luck and look forward to seeing the developments that come out of codeFest 2.0.

[Source – FNB]
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