A.MAZE 2015 kicks off in JHB

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The Digital Innovation Zone (DIZ) in Braamfontein is playing host to A.MAZE 2015 over the next couple of days, Johannesburg’s interactive showcase for indie games and gaming development.

Split over three floor, A.MAZE offers punters the opportunity to play some of the best and most interesting indie videogames and board games in their infancy stage. On top of that, developers are giving talks and demonstrations on game development and running intensive workshops for anyone interested in taking their first steps into making interactive entertainment.

Beyond giving players a wonderful space to experience and learn about the craft of making games, A.MAZE is a celebration of this medium.

Tonight DIZ will screen Game-Loading: The Rise Of The Indies, an documentary on the global rise of indie game development, and tomorrow, the nearby Galleri Kalashnikovv will host the Super Friendship Arcade, where developers will demonstrate how they’re pushing the boundaries of game norms and harnessing the medium for positive change.

Simply hanging out in DIZ while A.MAZE takes place is a great experience; the creative passion and verve of the developers and creators in this space is infectious and attendees are actively encouraged to dive in and have fun.

If you are in any way interested in videogames or gaming development (or both), you owe it to yourself to check out A.MAZE 2015 over the next couple of days. The A.MAZE 2015 site has all a comprehensive program on what’s taking place and information on ticket prices.

Oh – and if you do decide to pop down to A.MAZE 2015, bring cash. The credit card machine in the coffee shop is currently on the blink at the time of this writing and the nearest ATM is a 20 minute walk away. Consider yourself forewarned.

[Image – Fak’ugesi]