Cat Street View is an official thing now

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Ever wanted to view the world from a cat’s perspective? Well, now you can, from your computer, by using Cat Street View.

The Hiroshima Prefecture’s tourism board in Japan has launched Cat Street View, which allows users to views the streets, shops and sights of Onomichi city from the perspective of its feline citizens.

“We were seeking to introduce a different way to look at our cities and offer a view of the streets that wasn’t available before,” the tourism board told the Wall Street Journal.

The board apparently created a cat map because Onomichi is well-known for having a rather large population of felines. It even has a museum dedicated to Japan’s ‘maneki-neko’ cat dolls.

The board roped in the help of professionals who’ve worked on capturing and creating normal Google’s Street View maps before.

Cat Street View only has three paths at the moment, one inside a shopping arcade with 28 shops, and more to be added soon. Cat Street View currently has one cat virtually traversing Onomichi, but more will be added in October.

Unfortunately the site is entirely in Japanese and Google Translate can’t translate everything, so you won’t be able to understand some of the featured information. However, navigating it is pretty straightforward.

Given the amount of cat lovers in the world, we expect to see more sites like this soon. Or at least, we hope to…

[Source – Wall Street Journal, image – Cat Street View]