Fifty causes in need reached through #uberforgood

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Uber says that its recent #uberforgood charity drive was able to help 50 worthy causes by contributing much-needed items.

#uberforgood was a one-day online drive by taxi-hailing app company, Uber and online social startup, forgood.

The campaign called on citizens and companies in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban to donate any unused items that were still in good condition. They could then request an Uber car to collect the items for free and deliver it to forgood’s offices in all four cities, which then passed it on to causes that are in need.

Even joined in and did its bit to help out  by donating a few boxes of clothing.

According to forgood, clothing, shoes, baby car seats, computers, laptops and even sports gear, were among the items donated and distributed. Over 500 boxes containing clothing alone were collected.

“We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support for the campaign. Our Joburg depot was literally filled floor to ceiling with goods,” said, forgood CEO Andy Hadfield. “Our online platform connects causes to groups or individuals, we partnered with Uber to demonstrate just how easy doing good can be. Technology is opening so many doors for the social sector, we’re uber excited to play in this space.”

On 8th September, the day on which the campaign was run, #uberforgood was among the top trending topics of the day on South African Twitter, with 10 million impressions generated.

“We really wanted to run a campaign to demonstrate just how easy it is for riders to contribute using our technology platform. When we heard about the forgood platform, we knew it would be the perfect company to partner with on a campaign of this kind. It is really exciting that through this campaign and the Uber technology we’ve managed to help South Africans donate items to over 50 Causes in need.” said Uber Sub-Saharan Africa’s Alon Llts.



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