Mortal Kombat X new DLC: who we’d like to see

On Monday news broke that Mortal Kombat X was getting a major patch this week. Then yesterday co-creator Ed Boon tweeted a teaser for what very well may be the next four characters that will be added to the Mortal Kombat X roster. According to the tweet the announcement will be made sometime today.

Fans have already started speculating who the new fighters may be with the best guesses being returning characters Baraka, Kabal, Cyrax, Rain, Sektor and Noob Sibot. The addition of Baraka and Noob Sibot would go a long way towards pleasing fans of the series, especially since Baraka appeared in the story mode of the game as an NPC.

This morning at the office we threw some ideas around about who would make a great addition to the Mortal Kombat X roster. Are you listening Ed Boon? We have some pretty incredible ideas.

Brendyn – Michael Myers from Halloween

The big brother that hunted his family would be great in MKX

Sure, you can already play as Jason and Freddie Krueger in the Mortal Kombat games but I’ve always loved the Halloween movies and the main antagonist Michael Myers. There’s something to be said about a guy that has survived multiple car collisions, burnings and stab wounds and can still find the energy to hunt down his family. There could easily be three different fighting styles, one with Michael’s iconic knife, one without the knife that showcases his raw power and a third that illustrates just how much of a beating the serial killer has taken. Just think of the fatality possibilities Ed Boon!

Clinton – Venom from Marvel comics

This is probably (mostly) stemming from my love (nostalgia) for the Ultimate Spider-Man game from 2006. If you’ve never played it, you’re both only half alive and missing out on the chance to play as Venom – that hulking space symbiote that is usually the enemy of Spider-Man. In game, he plays a lot like Spidey, with the ability to climb buildings. But, unlike his smaller, weaker, redder counterpart, Venom tears into buildings, ripping them apart as he ascends while Spider-Man gracefully tip-toes his way up. I still remember the awesome feeling of clawing my way up those buildings… man, I need to dig my PS2 out of the attic. As a Mortal Kombat character Venom fits right it: he’s brutal, terrifying, and his fatality could be adsorbing his enemies into his very being like he does in the comics. And the best part? His alternate costume could be Carnage.

Charlie – Ash Williams from Army of Darkness

A shotgun in one hand and a chainsaw for the other. A badass that kills demons and evil zombies for fun. What more do you want? Oh, and he has a demonically possessed evil twin called Deadite Ash.


Nick – Tyler Durden from Fight Club

The antagonist/protagonist from Chuck Palahniuk’s subversive novel concerning the childish impulses inherent in the male psyche seems like a natural fit for the MK series – and not just because he’s the founder of a club in which members beat each other to bloody pulps. Tyler Durden is by turns one of the most charismatic and repellent characters ever created; an arrogant, pugnacious thug whose snappy witticisms and crafting know-how mask just how blinkered and vacuous he is.

He’d be the perfect avatar for MK. If you play as him and you win – you advance. If you play him as him and lose, you get to see the smug sod turned into paint. Everyone’s a winner!

Deon – Terminator Model T-800

I can’t think of anything more badass than a near-indestructible cybernetic organism – living tissue over a metal endoskeleton – that mimics us, all the better to kill us. I would love to see the T-800 from either of the first two Terminator flicks go up against the ninjas, cyborgs, undead and other miscreants featured in Mortal Kombat X. I’m pretty sure he’d win against those comparatively squishy opponents quickly and easily.

As long as nobody shows up with an industrial press or a vat full of molten lead and the T-800 avoids Raiden’s electricity-based attacks entirely, I’m positive it’ll turn every fighter into a fine red mist.

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