Earlier this year we met with the founders of Silent Circle at Mobile World Conference, where the company revealed a new privacy-orientated smartphone aimed at securing enterprise data it dubbed the Blackphone 2, and it is finally here.

Blackphone 2 is a smartphone that is packed to the brim with privacy protection features. Chief among these is a feature which will allow enterprises to create two separate partitions on the smartphone which will operate independently of each other. One partition could be for business and the other for a user’s personal use. Silent Circle claims that at no point will data be shared between the partitions.

Privacy protection is further increased by shipping the phone with the Silent OS, based on Google’s Android operating system, but which will purportedly contain no bloatware or backdoors for curious network providers. The Blackphone 2 will also feature Silent Phone, which can secure calls whether they are video or voice and automatically delete text messages after a set amount of time.

Silent World can create an additional layer of protection for users calling other mobile phones without encryption. When using Silent World the call will first connect through the Silent Circle servers and encrypt your leg of call before connecting through the mobile network carrier.

The operating system has Google Play enabled  for ease of use, but will also feature Silent Store where users are able to download privacy-focused apps.

The Blackphone 2 boasts a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS Gorilla Glass 3 display, 32GB of internal memory, and the option to expand the memory up to 128GB with a microSD card. Powering that huge display is a 3 060 mAh battery which in turn also powers an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 1.7GHz processor and 3GB of low power DDR3 RAM. The Blackphone 2 also boasts a 13MP auto-focus camera and a 5MP front camera.

Of course, all of these privacy measures don’t come free: the Blackphone 2 retails for £648 (R13 661,37) and will feature a one-year subscription to the Silent Phone service. The site says the phone will start shipping on the 9th of October, and as a bonus you can even order it anonymously as a guest, rather than having to sign up.

The price and complexity may discourage the private user, but for enterprises looking to avoid confidential information being discovered by prying eyes, the Blackphone 2 does offer a level of privacy protection other smartphones don’t, which could be well worth the cost.

[Source – Silent Circle]
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