House cleaning is a chore deserved of the name, and many among us dread the weekly task of bringing our homes back to a respectable condition. Thankfully a startup that connects cleaners and home owners is at hand to make cleaning a whole lot easier.

It’s called SweepSouth, and it’s a service that makes booking a house cleaner at short notice a simple affair. It allows people to book a house cleaner at a fee of R38 per hour without having to worry about vetting the person or knowing beforehand if they are going to do a good job of cleaning your home.

The app was created when husband and wife team, and co-founders of SweepSouth, Aisha Pandor and Alen Ribic were on holiday.

“We were on holiday in Cape Town in 2013 and we struggled to find somebody to clean our home. We went through traditional channels like online classifieds and cleaning agencies and it took a very long time to find somebody. Even after we still had the issue of whether or not this person was properly vetted and whether they would a good job,” Pandor told us.

At the time this was happening Uber had just launched in South Africa, and the way in which the app connected drivers with riders gave Pandor and Ribic an idea: why not offer a similar service, but for house cleaners?

Being a software engineer by trade, Ribic began working on the concept after concluding that this service was one that would do well in the South African context, and in June of this year, the SweepSouth platform launched.

Users log onto the SweepSouth portal and select what they need cleaned, and SweepSouth does the rest. At present SweepSouth is only accessible through a browser on your smartphone, notebook, PC or tablet but a smartphone app is in development.

The cost for the service comes in at R38 per hour with an average full-day cleaning coming in at R190. As mentioned, all house cleaners booked through SweepSouth go through a background-check and are rated by previous SweepSouth clients, providing new customers with some much-needed peace of mind.

SweepSouth is also fully insured should anything unsavoury occur while its cleaners are on your premises.

At present SweepSouth provides house cleaners in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria with plans to extend the service to Durban during the course of next year.

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