FillApp delivers fuel if you run out on the road

Have you ever run out of petrol while on a long trip?

Most people probably haven’t, but believe us when we tell you, there is no worse experience than being stranded by the side of the road, watching fellow drivers whizz by without offering any assistance.

If the nearest fuel station is too far too walk, help is luckily now just an app away. FillApp, which is being billed as the first app of its kind in South Africa,  is a delivery service for fuel – no matter where you are. So if you have run dry, simply open the app, select the amount of liters you want and your location.

The service has been in beta testing since August, and has already managed to sign up over 900 users.


“FillApp offers a service that’s totally new to the oil and gas value chain,” Cybatar, the Pretoria-based start-up behind the app, explained.

“The value chain has been ending with retailers who served fuel directly to consumers. This is disrupted with the app which will provide consumers with the option of ordering fuel from their preferred filling station for delivery.”

The app is currently available for Android and will arrive on iOS soon, but there is also a web-based version for users whose preferred mobile platform isn’t supported yet.

The service features a map of nearby fuel providers who deliver, an estimate time of arrival of any fuel ordered, a fee calculator based on your current location and the distance to the nearest filling station, and different methods of payment.

Even if you think you might never need it, download the app and keep it on your phone. You never know when you might run out of fuel.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Curtis Perry]

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