After testing out its Fat Pipe DSL packages for the last few months, Vox Telecom is now promising to give customers more data for the same amount of money they’re currently paying.

Effective from today, all Vox Telecom customers that are using the Fat Pipe offering will notice an upgrade to their account at no additional cost. For example, customers on the 100GB data package currently paying R249 per month, will now receive 150GB at the same cost of R249 per month and so on.

In a statement sent out this morning, executive head of Carrier and Connectivity at Vox Telecom, Shane Chorley said, “We’ve used the last few months to trial how our Fat Pipe packages are being received by consumers, and one thing is clear – customers want better connectivity, more data and better value packages than ever before.”

Users will also welcome the news that between midnight and 6am all Fat Pipe customers will receive unlimited data at no additional cost. This offering will extend across all Fat Pipe packages.

Existing customers will not have to take any action as the process has been automated and new customers will be able to take advantage of the adjusted pricing as well. If you check your Vox Dashboard and you don’t yet see any changes (as one of our staff this morning did), you may just have to wait a bit for the rollout to reach you.

Vox Telecom terms and conditions have had to be changed to accommodate these changes, which customers can view on the Vox Telecom website.