In news that almost seems crueler than usual – since it coincides with the first day of the rAge videogames expo – Eskom has announced that there is a high risk of loadshedding today.

The power utility says that the local grid is under pressure due to the fact that several of its generating units tripped late on Thursday and early Friday morning. It says that the risk of loadshedding will be in effect for the entire day – from 6am until 10pm tonight.

According to Eyewitness News, Eskom has said that the problems its having have nothing to do with this week’s strike by mineworkers and its coal supplies aren’t running out.

“This has nothing to do with the coal strike, these are just operational matters, meaning that it’s merely related to technical fault,”Khulu Phasiwe told Eyewitness News. “For example, one unit of Tutuka and the unit of Lethabo power Station and Duvba Power Station have experienced technical faults.”

Oh, Eskom, you were doing so well. In the past 60 odd days there have only been around two hours of loadshedding and now you do this.

The HTXT.Africa team are currently at rAge and our mobiles are charged, so we’ll let you know if the Ticketpro Dome suddenly turns into a bowl of cavernous darkness. In the meantime, since news that your air conditioner may conk out in the middle of one of most oppressive heatwaves Joburg has experienced in a while, here’s a video of a cat waking up its own with a doorstopper to lighten your spirits a bit.