Do you want to get your hands on the new iPhone 6s when it launches in South Africa? Of course you do, but you might want to check your wallet before nipping over to your local Apple Store on 16 October.

South Africa’s iStore has just revealed the cash and trade in prices for the latest iPhone, and if you are going all out for the 128GB version, it’s a bit of a doozy.

MTN and Vodacom have both announced their pricing, but if you are going directly to the source, it will be R11 800 for the 16GB version without a trade-in plan, and R13 600 for the 64G one. With no trade-in, the 128GB version will retail for an eye-watering R15 500.

If that is a bit too rich for you, you can always trade-in your current iPhone 6.

“The iPhone 6s will start at R5 799 after you trade in an iPhone 6, R7 799 after you trade in an iPhone 5s, or R11 799 with no trade-in. The iPhone 6s Plus will start at R7 099 when you trade in an iPhone 6 Plus, R9 599 when you trade in an iPhone 5s or R13 599 with no trade-in,” the iStore said in a statement.

The cash and trade-in prices for the iPhone 6s Plus is also below:


Also for the first time this year, iStore will also allow for two devices to be traded in towards the upgrade of a new iPhone, “helping customers to get even more back when they upgrade.”

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