If you need to commute into or through Sandton in Gauteng during the month of October, by now you should be well aware of the City of Johannesburg’s EcoMobility Festival that’s underway during the month of October.

In short, the Festival has been set up to reduce the amount of cars that travel through the central business district by closing off key roads and providing commuters with public transport and eco-friendly alternatives.

While it may sound like a well-thought-out plan on paper, a number of people aren’t too happy about it. This is where your feedback comes in.

The Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) has set up an online survey to canvas the thoughts and opinions of those who live and work in Sandton, to get a feeling of how the festival has been received and what could be done to make it better.

Whether you like the EcoMobility Festival or not, it is hugely important that you make your voice heard in true democratic fashion. So far, though, only a small number of people have taken the time to fill out the questionnaire.

“We have only received a handful of responses, but at this stage there is no clear consensus, and the feelings are quite mixed. But it (the questionaire) will run for most of October, so we are hoping to get significantly more responses,” GCRO’s Christina Culwick told htxt.africa via email.

The results of the survey will be made public once it has run its course, but at this stage Culwick added that it was too early to say if the EcoMobility Festival will become an annual thing. “It’s too early to gauge. The results of the survey and the success of the festival will likely be key factors to consider.”

The survey poses pertinent questions such as ‘How are you getting around Sandton during the EcoMobility Festival?’ and ‘How satisfied are you with travelling within Sandton during the EcoMobility Festival?’


Regardless of the overall sentiment on the festival captured by the feedback, it doesn’t seem that Sandton will become a completely car-free zone any time soon.

“A complete ‘shut down’ of Sandton is unlikely to be feasible, however a few pedestrianised streets may be very feasible once the Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) is in operation and the pedestrian corridor from Wynburg/Alexandra is complete,” Culwick concluded.

To complete the survey and let the GCRO know what you think, head on over to this page.

[Image – CC 2.0/South African Tourism]
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