Traditionally, your desktop is the only place where you can find a way to escape the plethora of advertising the internet has populated itself with. That may soon change if Microsoft has its way.

Tech site Betanews spotted an advert yesterday, in the Start menu of Windows 10 Build 1056. At time of writing this build is only available to those registered with the Windows Insider programme.

Technically Microsoft is calling them “Suggested Apps” but if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck, chances are, it’s an advert for something.

Users are reporting that adverts have been squeezed into the Start Menu under the banner “Suggested” and clicking any of the “suggestions” will redirect them to the Windows Store.

Since this was discovered Microsoft has revealed to The Inquirer that this feature has only been rolled out to users within the Insiders programme and who have not unselected the “Suggested apps” feature.

The feature is simple enough to turn off, simply navigate to Settings > Personalisation >Start and turn off the Occasionally show suggestion in Start option.

It could be the case that installing Windows 10 for free was a “bait n switch” of sorts, luring you with a free operating system and then serving you advertising as you browse through your PC.

Should you be one of the folks holding off on upgrading to Windows 10 beware of installing updates, it has been discovered that Microsoft is pre-selecting the option to install Windows in the optional updates queue. So once you click “Install all updates”, you’ll have a shiny new version of Windows 10.

Even if you didn’t want it. So for those of you who asked for the Start menu back the lesson is clear: be careful what you wish for.

[Source – Betanews]