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[htxt.africast] Slicing up Telkom and making games

This past weekend was one of the most exciting on the gaming calendar, as for three days gamers, geeks and technology enthusiasts gathered in the TicketPro Dome for the annual rAge gaming expo.

But instead of talking about everything that we saw, did and experienced, Nick is joined this week by Clinton and Brendyn to single out one specific element: games that have been made right here in South Africa.

Telkom’s bisection into separate retail and wholesale companies is also discussed in the htxt.africast.

Home Coded shows us amazing South African games

With the majority of videogames coming out of powerhouses like the US and Japan, it’s easy to think that the industry ends there. But this weekend at rAge we made it over to the Home Coded stand and got our mitts on the latest builds of several games conceptualised, programmed and made in South Africa.


Telkom splits wholesale business off as Openserve

Incumbent telecoms provider Telkom has announced that it’s formally splitting its wholesale arm off as a separate business with a new name, Openserve. The business will be headed up by former Telkom CTO Alphonso Samuels.

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