Here’s an idea: take the narrative-focused horror game Until Dawn, which doesn’t feature a shooting mechanic, and isn’t played from a first person perspective.

Next, give it a piece of downloadable content that involves an on-rails first-person shooting sequence that requires Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality headset to play.

Sounds like a terrible idea, right? Well, someone over at Supermassive Games doesn’t think so, because that’s apparently what the studio is working on. That’s according to an email received by Destructoid yesterday, which told them that Sony is conducting “market testing in the UK” of virtual reality, on-rails DLC for Until Dawn.

The bit that the originator of the email played through took about 20 minutes, and involved shooting a bunch of critters in Until Dawn’s huge, cavernous house.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Until Dawn and have played through it again to completion since my initial review in an attempt to save more of the group (sadly, I failed), this news doesn’t please me. Until Dawn is a character-driven, jump-scare-laced interactive story, and not the type of game that lends itself to shooting or a first-person perspective.

Why anyone would want to tack that on to the game is beyond me, and this is coming from a guy who’s really, really looking forward to virtual reality in all of its forms.

Still, because Sony is busy conducting testing at the moment and nothing has been said about it officially, the company could just be experimenting with it to see how well it would be received; as such it may never see the light of day.

Time will tell, I suppose. Right now, it just sounds like a bad idea. Your thoughts?

[Source – Destructoid]
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