Microsoft has announced a version of the “Macbook killer” 2-in-1 Surface Book that sports a discrete NVIDIA graphics processor unit.

The software giant has remained relatively mum on which GPU the Surface Book will use, but now a report from Tech Radar suggests it’s the GeForce 940M thanks to a similar number of CUDA cores present in the official specifications. That said, the GPU in the Surface Book uses 1GB GDDR5 memory instead of GDDR3 memory.

Unfortunately you’ll have to make a monetary sacrifice if you want better performing graphics. The base model which sports an Intel Core i5 and 256GB SSD storage will retail for $1 699.00 (R23 152.70) while the same model with a discrete GPU is more expensive at $1 899.00(R25 878.15).

Gamers might be disappointed in the numbers Digital Trends uncovered while running benchmarks, however. It was found that Heroes of the Storm had trouble keeping framerates even, though it was run at low settings at 1080p resolution, Tomb Raider reportedly doesn’t present great results for gaming either even though it’s two years old.

Also being reported is that drivers will not be delivered by NVIDIA, but rather through Windows Updates which means no GeForce Experience and all the functionality that includes for Surface Book owners.

All of that said, the Microsoft Surface Book does sound like it’s going to be a solid workhorse. The addition of a discrete GPU won’t please gamers, but Windows-loving video editors and art creators will be happy to have an alternative to the Macbook.

Sadly, we still do not know whether South Africa will be receiving the Surface Book or where pricing will start, but the second we find out we’ll let you know.

[Via – Tech Radar, Image – Microsoft]
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