It’s common knowledge that successful tech behemoths pull in a eye-watering profits, but even by those standards Apple’s last quarterly results are staggering.

Apple’s financial results for the fourth quarter of 2015 were released yesterday afternoon and the sum reported could easily provide South African university students with the almost R100 billion (via Daily Maverick) needed for free education, for seven years.

The results reveal that the technology company’s profit rose from $8.5 billion in 2014 to $11.1 billion profit. Quarterly revenue rose as well to $51.5 billion (R700 billion).

Unsurprisingly, the release of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus added to the burgeoning profit margins, with sales of the smartphone accounting for 62.17% of Apple’s revenue, a monetary value of $32.02 billion.

Apple must be wishing the iPad was performing as well as the iPhone. Apple’s tablet sales plummeted from 12.32 million in Q4 2014 to 9.88 million this quarter. In monetary terms the iPad only makes $4.28 billion in revenue for Apple, that’s worth 13.36% of the total sales of iPhones.

The release of the iPad Pro in November may shake up sales slightly but with MacRumours reporting that Apple has limited the number of iPad Pros that will be shipped at launch, we wouldn’t count on record breaking sales.

A good year

Elsewhere however Apple is celebrating growth. Mac sales rose 3.7% to make Apple $6.88 billion and software and services account for $5.09 billion in revenue. Products such as Beats, Apple TV and the Apple Watch are grouped under the “other” category but sales of these products, and other accessories add $3.05 billion to Apples bottom line.

The Cupertino company is having a good year it seems and Tim Cook is hoping to kick off 2016 with more astronomical numbers. With revenue projections sitting between $75.5 billion and $77.5 billion for Q1 2016 Apple is set to continue climbing.

Well, as long as they keep making smartphones that people want so badly they queue for miles.

[Source – Apple]