There was a rush of jubilation in the office this morning when word reached us that Batman: Arkham Knight was once again available for purchase through Steam.

That was short lived though, as we soon discovered that despite pulling the game from shelves and digital retailers four months ago, not much has changed.

Shortly after re-releasing the game to Steam, Warner Bros. issued a blog statement detailing a number of issues that are still present in the game.

To start, anybody who has capitalised on the free upgrade to Windows 10 will need at least 12GB of RAM to prevent paging, and to insure a “smoother gameplay experience” according to Warner Bros.

Should you be laughing at those that have upgraded to Windows 10 from your Windows 7 PC beware, a GPU issue which causes hard drive paging after extended gameplay sessions has also been reported though a quick restart has been said to solve this problem.

Speaking of GPUs, if you happen to have a Crossfire or SLI configuration then you’ll be disappointed to hear that Warner Bros. has still not included multi-GPU support though they have said they are working on this.

As consolation for the delay in re-release Warner Bros. announced that they would be giving away free digital copies of games from the Arkham games catalogue. Additionally users will receive the Community Challenge Pack DLC and Batman: Arkham inspired Team Fortress 2 items.

The Steam Community has had mixed reactions with some thanking the publisher and others making their feelings known through wide range of expletives instead.

[Source – Warner Bros. via Steam] [Image CC by 2.0 – William Kunz]