The City of Joburg is planning to launch more new WiFi hotspots around the metro area of Johannesburg as part of its┬áSmart City initiative, and this morning there was confirmation on its official Twitter account that some 1 000 hotspots are currently being planned. While you’re waiting for them to be deployed, though, there are a number of public areas where you can already get access for free in the city already.

Hotspots cover areas such as libraries, Rea Vaya bus stations, clinics, fire stations and community centres. There are 138 in total so far and users get to use 300MB per day on their mobiles or laptops.

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While the City of Joburg’s original goal was to have all 1 000 hotspots up and running by the end of this year, it has now pushed it forward to mid 2016.

[Source – City of Joburg, image – CC Wikimedia Commons]