Back in August, the YouTube channel RealmPictures created a video that was (and still is) rather spectacular.

Titled “Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)“, users on the web chat site Chatroulette found themselves in control of a person trying to stave off zombies. In a similar vein to classic first person shooters (FPS) such as DOOM and Quake, the players needed to get their character to safety by way of shooting, fighting and swearing.

Now RealmPictures are back for level two, and they’ve switched a zombie-filled graveyard for a spaceship… that’s full of zombies.

The unsuspecting video callers are tasked with getting their character to an escape pod and getting the hell outta dodge.

The video bears all the hallmarks of an FPS videogame; there are weapons to find, corridors to navigate and even a boss.

While the character (who sounds like Duke Nukem with rocks in his mouth) does all of the shooting, those in the chat get to do some too by using a voice operated turret. One particular person commented that she managed to exterminate the zombies because she did clay pigeon shooting… once.

Our absolute favourite comment came from someone who seemed to be using Chatroulette from a beach. When the character says that they need to make it to the Cargo Bay, the beachbum seems to think it the gritty hero is heading out for a swim, not to a part of a spaceship.

Look out for level three, coming soon.