[WATCH] CollegeHumor looks at Back to the Future in the real 2015

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Next week Wednesday – October 21st 2015 – is a very important date for fans of the Back to the Future movies. In the second movie of the beloved series, Marty and Doc arrive in the “future” to find amazing advances such as flying cars powered by fusion reactors, self-lacing shoes and the famous hoverboards.

But, as we all know, our 2015, the real future is a very different place. The Youtube channel of comedy website CollegeHumor takes the timely opportunity to look at the disparity of the movie’s future and ours.

As you may already know by the fact that you (probably) didn’t transmute to work on a vehicle powered by trash, the movie’s vision of the future was way off base.

The video takes quite a few dark turns, from pointing out terrorism as one of the causes of the lack of flying vehicles, to cyberbullying that leads to suicide. While it is all tongue-in-cheek, some real issues do eclipse the fact that we don’t have autonomously lacing Nikes.

It’s easy to awkwardly laugh at this video, but we can’t forget the amazing advancements humans have made in the last three decades. In your pocket there’s probably a small computer that can shoot information into space, have it bounce off of a satellite and then travel across the globe. Sure, that information may be a picture of a cat, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Not all is lost, though. Lexus (among others) is working on a hoverboard, Pepsi is creating a limited run of Pepsi Perfect and those self-lacing shoes may one day be a reality.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be working on a time-travelling DeLorean. We propose gathering several scientists in bathrooms across the worlds and hope one of them hits their head.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.