After terrorist attacks claimed the lives of 127 people in Paris at the weekend, a raid in Brussels has turned up, among other things linked to the attacks, a Playstation 4.

While this find may seem innocuous, Belgian federal home affairs minister, Jan Jambon has stated that terrorist groups can use consoles to communicate.

“PlayStation 4 is even more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp,” Jambon said in a statement on The Bulletin.

Though it isn’t yet clear that ISIS actually used a PS4 to co-ordinate the Paris attack, consoles use older non-peripheral based communication. This makes communication that happens via a console harder for authorities to track than cellphones or web traffic, making the platform a useful asset to anyone planning malicious activities.

Plainly then, ISIS could have be using a PSN party chat without fear of interception from governments and like Anonymous who have declared war on the movement.

Tracking is especially difficult because of games such as Call of Duty which are laden with terrorist phrases that might unintentionally fire off red flags. That said there is nothing to stop terrorists from using customised private maps to spell out plans or send messages by firing at walls in a sort of “burn of reading” message in the 21st century.

To prevent this sort of thing from happening authorities such as the NSA and the FBI would have to monitor every bit of information coming from a console, but this unfortunately for them not possible and a herculean task at this point in time.

[Via – Forbes] [Image CC by 2.0 – Michael Nugent]