Fallout 4 is a watercooler game; every morning players step into the office and swap stories of what we’ve been up to in the wastelands.

Of common discussion is the classic “who would win?”. Sure, we can run into a stronghold full of Supermutants and get turned into paste, but what would happen if those Supermutants went up against Deathclaws?

Thanks to YouTube content creator  Cosmic Contrarian (no real name given) and his series of “Massive Battle” videos, we’re closer to an answer.

Here’s the billing of the playlist below. Note: there is excessive swearing throughout.

  • Round 1: 100 Ghouls Versus 100 Synths
  • Round 2: Super Mutant Behemoth versus Legendary Deathclaw
  • Round 3: 100 Deathcclaws versus 100 Brotherhood of Steel
  • Round 4: All legendary enemies deathmatch
  • Round 5: 1 000 Super Mutant Behemothversus 100 Brotherhood Of Steel

If your final question is how all of this was arranged, it’s actually quite simple. While mods may have been used, there is a simpler option: on the PC version of Fallout 4, pressing the tilde key (~) will bring up the command console.

This allows players to type in certain command that can fundamentally change the game. These are usually used by developers to test out their games, but can be a quick way to get some good old cheats going on.

If you’d like to give it a bash, PC Gamer has a list of some fun commands. Remember that messing around with the game in this fashion could affect how you earn Steam achievements, and could royally mess up your save file to the point of corruption.

[Source – YouTube]