Tired of struggling to watch online videos with your rubbish African bandwidth? Frustrate yourself no longer, for Google has announced an update to its YouTube app which will download videos for silky smooth offline viewing.

Yesterday, Google introduced YouTube Offline in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana, to “lessen the demands of speed and data for people using our products in places where there are challenges to access”. Today it’s extending the same service to South Africa – although the app update will be staggered.

After the videos have been saved to a device, they are viewable for 48 hours. But before you get too excited and rush off to download your favourites, Google also announced that not all videos will be made available for offline viewing. Music videos, for instance, are excluded.

YouTube also recently introduced a subscription service called YouTube Red. The paid service ($10 / R142 per month) allows subscribers to skip all ads, get access to YouTube Music and  Google Play Music, as well as watch videos offline on mobile, in much the same way as YouTube Offline.

The big difference here is that, for now, YouTube Offline is free, and available in South Africa, while YouTube Red is neither.