If you’re one of those individual fortunate (read: rich) enough to own a virtual reality headset, you’ll know the irritation of having to remove the device from your head in order to surf the web. You poor dear.

To combat this terrible affliction, Samsung has announced the rather utilitarian-sounding ‘Samsung Internet for Gear VR’. The browser does pretty much what it says on the tin; it essentially allows users to surf the web through their Gear VR headset.

Now, before everyone gets excited, it doesn’t make the internet look like this:

However, in spite of its rather unimaginative moniker, Samsung Internet for Gear VR has some rather great features.

Alongside basic browser features like tabs and bookmarks, it also supports voice commands and has an onscreen keyboard. It also allows users to select menu items simply by looking at them – a function Samsung has decided to call ‘Gaze’.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the fact that it allows users to stream 360-degree and 3D videos from the web.

“As a pioneer in the mobile VR industry, Samsung has continually worked to provide our users with a fully immersive mobile experience in the evolving world of virtual reality,” Samsung VP Chan-Woo Park said in a statement. “As the demand for 360-degree, immersive video content rapidly rises – Samsung Internet for Gear VR further enriches the VR content ecosystem for our consumers, setting an industry standard for the VR viewing experience.”

Samsung says that the beta will be available from the Oculus Store from today (2nd December 2015).