Caller ID and spam identification app, Truecaller has revealed that its user community in South Africa reported 800 000 spam calls with 50 000 spam calls being made everyday.

For those that aren’t aware Truecaller is a free, 200 million user strong, app that is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The app allows users to report unwanted, or spam calls and block the numbers they originate from. South Africa currently has 1.4 million Truecaller users.

While spam calls may be an unscrupulous individual trying to get their mitts on your money there is a possibility that some spam calls are coming from direct marketing and cold calling. Incidentally, if you want less spam calls in your life, simply cite the Consumer Protection Act when next you receive one.

According to the Consumer Protection Act you are within your rights as a consumer to request during or at the end of the call to that all future calls from the business that contacted you desist and that you are removed from the database being used.

The Act goes on to explain that an entity directing a direct marketing campaign must comply with the consumer’s request or risk legal action. To be clear, this goes for any type of direct marketing be it email spam, or spam phone calls.

As we approach the festive season we may see an influx of spam be it via email or on your mobile and it would be worth your while to familiarise yourself with the Consumer Protection Act and what is and isn’t legal.

[Image CC by 2.0 – George Bremer]