Telkom and ShowMax have announced that users on the Telkom Summer Unlimited internet contract will be able to stream content using zero-rated data until the end of December .

What this means for users is that no matter how much content you happen to stream between now and the end of the month your bandwidth will not be impacted.

“The move to video on demand is happening across the globe, and we think it’s going to change the way people experience shows and movies in South Africa,” Telkom Consumer Managing Director, Attila Vitai said in a statement. “These Unlimited offerings will let Telkom customers immerse themselves without worrying about data usage or data costs.”

Hungry, hungry data

We know that streaming video can have quite a large impact on your internet connection. By our estimates, streaming an episode of Game Of Thrones can use close to 600MB of data while movies can push that figure higher.

According to General Manager at ShowMax South Africa, John Kotsaftis, data usage is a major concern for users that slows down the adoption of streaming video on demand (SVOD) services such as ShowMax.

“SVOD is a relatively new concept in SA”, Kotsaftis said, “with data usage and concerns over data caps being the main barriers to adoption. In the four months since we launched ShowMax, the clear message is that people love the concept and the content, and now all they need is a solution on the data side of things.”

Telkom and ShowMax have also announced that users who sign up for a SmartHome Premium  or Smartplan 100 contract between now and the end of December will also receive a free 30 trial to ShowMax. According to Telkom, the zero rated streaming will last until March 2016 on SmartPlan 100 and for the duration of the contract of SmartHome.

[Image CC by 2.0 – Chris Collins]