Four days after sacking Nhlanhla Nene and appointing David Van Rooyen as successor to the Minister of Finance position, President Jacob Zuma has changed his mind and reappointed former SARS head, Pravin Gordhan as the Minister of Finance.

Van Rooyen’s appointment as Minister of Finance sparked a rapid decline in the value of the rand with the currency touching record lows against the US dollar and the British pound last week.

The move also sparked outrage on Twitter with the #ZumaMustFall hashtag becoming a fully fledged movement, which has even organised a march to the Union Buildings on Wednesday 16th December.

While Gordhan sits down to get reacquainted with his position, Twitter is once waking up to the news of a new Minister of Finance and filling timelines with the type of humour we’ve come to expect.

Meme’s, confusion and good old fashioned speculation are among the most popular though some have expressed their displeasure with the matter and are continuing to add their voice to the #ZumaMustFall campaign.

[Image CC by 2.0 – Spencer E Holtaway]