The good old modder: from adding the Hulkbuster to Grand Theft Auto V to expanding games indefinitely,  there’s almost nothing they can’t do.

Now we have this… odd mod from YouTube content creator and modder KnightHasen (no real name given) which replaces various ammo types in fallout 4 with cats.

The mod, called “Cat Man & Meowsider” affects two rather large guns in the game; the Fat Man and Broadsider. The Fat Man is a ridiculous shoulder-mounted slingshot that lobs miniature nuclear warheads (called Mini Nukes), while the Broadsider is basically a cannon that the player can pick up and haul around. It fires, as you can imagine, cannonballs. 

KnightHasen mod takes the Mini Nukes and cannonballs and puts cats in their place, along with accompanying “meows” as your feline ammo blows your enemies apart.

On the technical side of things, this mod isn’t ground-breaking: the ammunition for the two guns already have models and sound effects, so it was a simple matter of swapping them out for the cat model and meow sound effect already in the game’s files.

If you own the PC version of Fallout 4 and know your way around modding, you too can be firing off cats like a crazy cat lady with a slingshot as the files for this mod are available on Nexus.

We especially like the description for it listed on the website:


You may ask, “What does this mod do?”

But the real question is, “WHAT DOESN’T THIS MOD DO?”

This mod makes all of your dreams come true, so long as you dream of nothing but firing cats out of heavy weaponry.

Yes, this mod replaces cold hard cannonballs with cute cuddly cats.
This mod also replaces those cute tiny nukes with even cuter and cuddlier atomic cats.

Be sure to check out the other mod from this idiot savant, which takes the game’s very serious energy weapons and makes them “PEW”.