Soccer-but-with-rocket-powered-RC-cars game Rocket League has defied expectations by raking in almost $50 million (R758 185 000), despite only being released in only July of this year.

Developer Psyonix is seeing a massive return on their investment, as Rocket league only took two years and less than $2 million (R30 328 300) to develop.

Why has the game become so popular? It has taken off as a both a competitive gameas well as a spectator sport on both YouTube and Twitch. In addition, the game’s pricing structure has helped to propagate it: at the moment it costs R219 on Steam, but it has been discounted several times and it was given out for free as part of PlayStation Plus.

To date the game has more than 8 million registered players across the PC and PS4 editions, and those numbers look to grow as the game is heading to the Xbox One next year. You’ll probably also see a few more PC players pick it up as Steam’s end of year sale is set to kick off soon.

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[Source – The Wall Street Journal]


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