The Youtuber who made a working version of Thor’s Mjolnir is back, this time with a working lightsaber. Sort of.

Using a lightsaber hilt as a base, Sufficiently Advanced (real name Allen) attached a Nichrome igniter, valve control and a 3D printed enclosure for a syringe valve. The valve leads to a container which holds a mixture of Methanol and Acetone which, when ignited creates the “blade” of the lightsaber.

The result is a firesaber, which we’re sure is being used somewhere in the Star Wars universe. Not content with a blue blade, Allen added Boric Acid to turn the blade green.

You can check out the full build and Allen dispatching a Stormtrooper with his invention below. It may not be a true lightsaber, but we cannot deny that this is pretty cool and that we want one, two, actually can we have four, for the life-sized model of General Grievous we’re busy building?

Because the Star Wars hype train is speeding through the world at warp speed we feel we should issue a warning here:

We don’t suggest messing around with fire, and flammable chemicals unless you know what you’re doing. That said, should you be somebody that knows what they’re doing why not make your own lightsaber and show us the results.