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Department of Energy gazettes nuclear procurement doc

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It’s going to be a couple of slow news weeks here now that most people have clocked off for Christmas, so here’s an oddity to keep you occupied. The Department of Energy (DOE) has published a document signed in 2013 which began the procurement programme for nuclear power which has proved so very controversial over the last couple of years (some suspect it was part of the shenanigans over the game of musical chairs in the Finance Ministry recently).

The document itself is largely a formality, a “determination” report conclusion that energy regulator NERSA and the DOE decided that 9.6GW of nameplate power to the national grid, and is signed by the Minister for Energy and the Chair of NERSA. It’s best read in conjunction with the National Development Plan and a Terms of Reference document (which was published a month before this was signed. Useful for scholars of the future who will no doubt pore over the minutiae of the nuclear deal (if it ever goes ahead). The process was formally approved by cabinet a month later.

The newly gazetted doc and the terms of reference from October 2013 are below.

Nuclear programme notice

Terms of reference



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