The PINE64 is a R225 computer that can output video at 4K

Another maker board project has popped up on Kickstarter from a new company called PINE64. Their board, the PINE A64, is promising a lot with a 64-bit, 1.2 GHz processor that can output 4K video, all for $15 (R225).

The campaign asked for $31 416 (R473 260), and has smashed that goal by attracting $176 374 (R2 656 950) in just one day. Makers, it seems, are rather excited about the PINE A64 and are willing to throw money at it.

To get yourself a PINE64, you have a few options. If you’re quick, you can grab the Early Bird special for the aforementioned R225 and a delivery date of February 2016, with shipping anywhere in the world. If you miss this first batch, the next lot will be going out from March onwards.

If you’re looking for something a bit more beefy, the PINE A64+ – which ships with a gigabit Ethernet port and a whole gigabyte of memory – is going for $19 (R286). Unfortunately, the first shipments for February have already been sold out with March soon to follow, so April is the earliest you’ll get it.

There are also various bundles called internet of things (IoT) Packages, which include things such as microSD cards, power supplies, Wifi modules, enclosures and more.

PINE A64 and PINE A64+ specs

I/O also includes: 3.5mm Audio/Mic Output, ethernet port, and two I/O expansion buses

While the hardware is impressive for the price, the PINE64’s software is no slouch either. You’ll be able to run anything you want, but Ubuntu, Android and OpenHAB IoT are suggested (and we assume they’ll get the lion’s share of support).

Interestingly, Daniel Kottke – one of the first Apple employees and team of creators behind the first  Macintosh – is involved with the project.

“[The first Macintosh] was a watershed event in terms of  price and capability and the average person being able to own [a] computer,” said Kottke. “PINE64 is an improvement beyond even my wildest expectations.”

Every time we write about Kickstarter projects, we must warn that nothing is guaranteed in these campaigns, and the chance of paying and never receiving your product is a very real possibility. Still, the idea is undeniably cool and is attracting a lot of interest, so hope is high that this one will reach completion and deliver on its promise with no hitches.

[Source – PINE64 on Kickstarter]

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